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We have assembled this collection of customer feedback comments from many different sources: ZOMATO, TRIP ADVISOR, YELP along with customers who took the time to send us directly their feedback regarding Gino's Diner. Thank you!

Name: Robert - Seattle, Washington

TRIP ADVISOR REVIEW -  July 28, 2017
Great Roadside Diner! I was traveling from El Paso to White City, NM with my family. We decided to stop for lunch at Gino's because it was the closest place to eat. The interior is neat and clean. Nice decor. We waited longer than normal to place our order and had to ask for chips and salsa twice before they arrived. I think we waited for about an hour from the time we sat down until we had our food. Having said all that, I believe the wait was totally worth it!! HUGE portions and the food was incredible! I ordered the Santa Fe Burger. Must have been at least 1/2 pound of meat, three large slices of bacon, lots of poblano chili's, lettuce, tomato, onion, and swiss cheese. I was not disappointed in my visit. If you don't mind waiting you will love this food!

Name: George L

TRIP ADVISOR REVIEW - January 19, 2017
Great off the beat gem.. This little diner is out of the city limits in the Montana Vista area. However, it is well worth the trip to make it out there on any day. The food is flavorful, plenty, and priced very well for the amount you receive. My favorite part is that Breakfast is served ALL day every day. Get out there and go try it!!

Name: Tu-abuela

ZOMATO REVIEW - Oct 02, 2014
I stop by gino's diner. They have everything you need leaving El Paso or coming into El Paso. Every dish that kept passing me by was huge so I ordered the 8 ounce Black Angus choice ribeye burger. big-name merits big plate and it was Rib-Eye Burger. This burger is so big I got full halfway through. And it being a Black Angus choice ribeye it was like butter.

Name: Kristen Beaumont

ZOMATO REVIEW - Nov 22, 2014
Off the beaten path but well worth the drive. Best breakfast in El Paso!

Name: Mjbk04

ZOMATO REVIEW - Jan 10, 2015
Delicious Breakfast. Excellent service! Manager, Chris, made sure everything was to our liking. 
We had the steak and eggs, the steak was tender and cooked exactly as ordered. We definitely will be back this time for dinner.

Name: Bridget McCormick

ZOMATO REVIEW - Jan 11, 2015
If you want to support a local business, have excellent service, and are craving diner food this is a good place to go.

Name: Anaquezada19

ZOMATO REVIEW - Feb 09, 2015
Awesome diner. I love this place. Chris is always professional and attentive. Food is amazing i recommend it!! 5 stars!!

Name: Gary Nyberg

ZOMATO REVIEW - May 16, 2015
Highly recommend this place. The food and service are excellent. My firefighters and I go there quite often, Never disappointed.

Name: Essie

ZOMATO REVIEW - Sep 19, 2016
Great place to eat, the place is beautiful, the food is great, and the service is one of the best. Makes me feel like its home. Thank you Ginos diner for being so awesome!

Name: Denver Lee Davis

My wife and I stopped in for a late breakfast, on Saturday. This was our first time at Gino's and we were very pleased with the service, food and family-friendly atmosphere. For me, personally, the menudo soup was fantastic. We plan to return with our grown kids and treat them to a wonderful meal.

Name: Amanda S. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 7/2/2017
Go here! We only tried the place because it's near home, and with five kids it's exhausting to find someplace for a special treat after Church-- this was a delight. The only theme I could find to the menu was "this tastes good," and if you go for breakfast PLEASE get the steak and eggs.  I felt stuffed until three in the evening, and that's after the kids ate my pancakes with the steak and eggs meal. 

The grilled jalapeno on top of the steak doesn't soak through, and oh my goodness is it NOT mild. My husband and I spent half the time trying to figure out the flavors on the steak-- definite lime and cinnamon, something hot that isn't jalapeno, but YUM. 

The prices might make you pause because they're so low-- no, it's not a cheap place.  They're not going to pile four potatoes worth of soggy hashbrowns on your plate. The hashbrowns aren't pretty, but they are DELICIOUS--  for the first time in six years, we finished all the hashbrowns. 

As as bonus, all the ladies waiting tables were nice. I was a little worried because of earlier complaints here on yelp about table organizing....they seem to go by when people come in, but anybody who is walking by will grab plates or fill a coffee cup.  A MUCH better method for the servers.   I never had to wait for more coffee. 

When we stopped, I was a little worried it would be crowded.  The parkinglot suggested it.  Nope, it felt barely even visited-- whoever set up their floor plan was AWESOME with making it feel isolated. Great music, too-- if you're generation Y, this is what you heard as "golden oldies."  Will definitely be going again.

Name: Patricia A. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 12/29/2017
Great food. Nice place. Get here early for the freshest ingredients. They put out only the best in quality and taste. Truly a gem in disguise. Plenty of parking. Nice staff. I have been coming here off and on for a few years and never disappoints. Will be back as often as I can.


Name: Derrik B. - Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA.

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 11/19/2017
Gino's is amazing!! There breakfast has an awesome southern home style taste with Cracker Barrel dive portions. You won't leave hungry or disappointed. What's even crazier is how good there dinner/lunch is. There burgers are huge and tasty, served with a stake house kinda ambience. Great service with kind waiting staff and clean interior. Gino's is the perfect hole in the wall place that you would love to introduce Anthony Bourdain too.

Name: Dina P. - Anchorage, AK

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 10/21/2017
We eat here every time we go to Hueco Tanks.  Prices are reasonable and the food is excellent.  I usually get the ribeye burger or ribeye dinner.  My friends always seem to gravitate towards the Blu cheese burger.  The fried pickles, onion rings, and grilled cheese are also excellent.

Name: Ray V. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 8/18/2017
My lady and I took a trip down Montana and slipped into this wonderful diner.  It's a bit out of the way for city goers but totally worth the travel; kind of a diamond in the rough.  The decor is nothing extravagant but I don't think you should step into diners expecting anything more than a comfortable seating area with good lighting.  Their menu feels traditional with some "at-home experiment" sprinkled into it with certain dishes.  I ordered the chicken friend steak and egg breakfast while my better half (yes, another fat shamers! lol) ordered a breakfast burger.  It was delicious and quick to our table.  Everything was cooked upon ordering and beyond filling.  I'd recommend taking the trip out to this greasy spoon to indulge a bit.  It didn't hurt that the drive was great as well.  I definitely plan on going back.

Name: Jay B. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 7/18/2016
Welcome to my 100th review here on Yelp! Crazy, I know. I'm gettin' goosebumps just thinking about it (okay, no I'm not. let's just get to the review, shall we?) Gino's Diner may represent the best example of proof that just because something is dirt cheap doesn't mean it has to suck. Which only makes me ask...why the hell did I not hear about or visit this place WAY sooner??

Not only is the decorum classy, not only does the food taste better than its nominal pricing suggests, but the fact that this place is located just beyond the desolate outskirts of Montana Avenue makes it apparent that they won't attract TOO large a crowd which would otherwise make a socially awkward introvert such as myself cringe inside. You see, I came here on a Monday morning around 10:30 in the morning when everyone is at work (or should be).

Yeah...I'm still on vacation for another week. Deal with it!

So I went with my basic choices for breakfast: eggs over medium (I love that I was able to get 3 here. cuz 3 is the magic number), crispy bacon, hash browns and toast. And every last item was delectable to the last morsel. Thank GOD this restaurant knows how to properly butter toast!

This was the hearty breakfast; a larger portioned version of the two egg breakfast. So imagine my surprise when I saw, like...5 or 6 pieces of bacon on my plate! I actually had to eat slower than I normally do to enjoy this, especially since the plate was piping hot the minute they brought it out to me. Speaking of which, they serve your food here with a quickness I have not witnessed in a restaurant since....ever!!

The service was impeccable, though that might have been do to the mostly empty house they had at the time. I don't care. I still fully intend to take my family to this place for breakfast next Saturday. I'd love to see if the stellar service and attention to detail with food holds up during a typical Saturday morning rush. Besides, it's my guess that most average people who haven't heard about this place couldn't be bothered to make the drive or would rather go to their typical store chains such as IHOP. No disrespect, but IHOP doesn't even begin to hold a candle to this place.

Gino's has a very quaint and homely touch to their food. For instance, the hash browns aren't really your typical hash browns at all. They're more like scalloped potatoes which were executed perfectly! Best side of breakfast potatoes I've had in a long time!

One caveat: when you go to enter the building, make sure you walk around the corner to the double doors. The way their building has all the writing on the side, combined with the direction their big ass sign is facing makes you believe the main entrance is that single door on the side with all the writing. This is seriously the first restaurant I've ever been to with a false entrance.

But as that's pretty much the only thing I could find "wrong" with Gino's, I'm giving them 5 slightly confused patrons walking into false doorways out of 5. Trust me, true believers, we WILL be back!

Name: Kris P. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 4.0 star rating 8/7/2016
Nothing gets me out to Montana Vista other than Ginos and the racetrack....but more often than not, it's Gino's. 

-Service is friendly and fast, although at times inconsistent. There seems to be confusion on some of the menu items (what can or can't be substituted and what drinks are refilled or not). 

-Breakfast specials are CHEAP and decent - they're simple, straightforward diner breakfasts.  For the price - it's great. You can get breakfasts from $1.99 with a purchase of a drink (prices aren't listed, but they're average beverage prices). 
   Biscuits & Gravy isn't bad - no sausage in the gravy - just plain white. 
   Pork Ribs: Not as tender as pork ribs should be. Flavor wasn't bad, but I've had better. 
   Chorizo sausage: SO GOOD with a little bit of a kick and the usual greasiness, as you'd expect from a sausage patty. 

Their new location is way bigger than their last - seems pretty clean overall. (They had sticky floor issues that have been resolved). Would recommend, if you're in the area.

Name: Teresa G. - Morgan Hill, CA

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 10/11/2017
Excellent a all American diner and Mexican food enchiladas tapatías were delish! Great service.

Name: Quimico R. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 10/13/2017
My Experience is based on a few factors Atmosphere/Ambiance, Cleanliness, Service, and Food. 
As you walk into Gino's you'll notice it's a bit dark but well lit it gives you a nightclub vibe with a great bar and plenty of flat-screen TVs and well-lit booths perfect for a date or a night on the town with the boys. As we were led to our booth I noticed how clean the floor and tables were the staff was friendly and inviting they took our orders promptly and offered freshly made chips and salsa with the right amount of bite. Now to the food I ordered a Ginormous burger and it did not disappoint Two patties of well-done hamburger and crispy bacon served on a warm bun  with all the fixings on the side and the best-battered onion rings I've tasted as a former trucker I've had my share of onion rings and these were  one of the best.The burger presentation was awesome it came on a plank and a grilled jalapeno. I tried to finish this bad boy but could not every bite was satisfying and felt like it would never end.overall Gino's has great food and a chef who puts his heart into preparing the food and it shows they offered dessert but seriously I was stuffed maybe next time to quote the Terminator "I'll be back" So if your looking for great food,great prices and a clean and friendly atmosphere Gino's is the place to try.

Name: Rachel A. - Garland, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 6/4/2016
Gino's had improved their location and moved to a new building. The food never fails. It's consistent and delicious. I have breakfast here at least 3-4 times a week.

Name: Jordan T. - Mesa, AZ

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 7/7/2017
Stopped here while passing through on a road trip and... Wow. First off I'll say that I've never gotten this much food for the price here, there's nothing that beats it. Just over $5 for fried pickles and it was enough to feed a village. I ordered the slider appetizer which came with a cheese steak, Buffalo chicken, and cheeseburger slider. They were all amazing. I don't really like mushrooms, but the mushrooms were amazing on the cheese steak. I came with two other people, one got the fish and chips which, again, was amazing how much we got for the price. They were outstanding and even came with what appeared to be homemade tartar sauce and a salad. Would highly recommend, if I ever find myself in the area it'll be my first stop.


Name: Rich P. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 6/5/2016
First time here for Sunday morning breakfast/brunch- I'll definitely be coming back. Driving out here was depressing as hell (barren desert backdrop/ auto shops/ old shops that have been boarded up that have long since closed). As I pulled in, I noticed a full parking lot and folks waiting outside. As I entered, i was welcomed by a diner that appeared very new, spacious, and nicely decorated (almost like a dive bar). 
Friendly staff from the hostess to waitress. Ordered one of the breakfast specials ($4.99: 2 eggs, hash browns, pancakes, sausage, bacon), and it came out within 5 minutes! They don't have the prices of their drinks on the menu but they do have alcoholic beverages for those that Sunday Funday. Coffee was fresh tasting medium roast- pretty smooth too! ... And then they lost my credit card for 15 minutes... The entire staff was looking for it. Hopefully they didn't buy anything expensive while it was "lost". :-)

Name: Sean S. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 4.0 star rating 12/1/2016 
Was fairly empty when we arrived, were seated right away, and drinks brought to us immediately. Ordered steak nachos and a quesadilla. Were given chips and salsa while we waited. Salsa was spicy and delicious. The house made chips were thicker than most restaurant tortilla chips, and at first I wasn't fond of them. However, when the nachos arrived, and I saw how abundant the toppings were, I was relieved. No thin chips would have held up to the weight of the steak, beans, guacamole, cheese, and jalapeños like they did. Wonderfully seasoned and grilled steak, and plenty of chips to compliment. Looking forward to going back for a burger next time.

Name: Larry S. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 1/26/2017
My wife and I ate dinner here and we will be regulars. I had the Mexican plate and my wife had the Ginormous burger.
The food was fantastic and the servings were huge. Service by Marla was outstanding. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Name: G L. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 2/13/2017
I loved their breakfast buffet on Sunday. Thanks to Isaias for exceptional customer service.  Great food for reasonable price. I also loved their tampiquena steak.  Delicious!

Name: Jane M. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 1/4/2016
I will drive the far distance any day to come eat here. everything is so good from breakfast to the burgers. i;ve had the burgers but my favorite is buffalo chickennburger! its so good and worth the price, its economical and the recent modifications and addition of thee bar are awesome! i do recommend my family will drive the 40 mins once a month to eat here.

Name: David P. - Carlsbad, CA

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 12/21/2015
This place rocks! Driving through on a road trip with my girlfriend visiting from France. Best steak burger I've ever had, and even my Parisian was blown away. Come. Eat. Enjoy!

Name: John B. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 5/18/2014
Well worth the drive! Absolutely top notch cooking! I have been twice and will certainly return. The patty melt and ribeye steak burgers are mouth watering. Portions are generous and well priced. You might need to park next door as their small parking lot fills up fast.

Name: JR R. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 4.0 star rating 5/7/2014
I didn't want fastfood burger. Wanted a good diner or restaurant  burger. Out in far east El Paso choices  are very limited. El Paso, period, has little choices once it comes to diner options. In trying to decide what I was going to choose I remembered Gino's Diner El Tiempo review in Montana Vista. It's was only 8 minute drive from  my smart code development neighbor which lies west of Montana Vista. Montana Vista is a proud community  of people who like living in the desert ranch style of West Texas. Montana Vista is the community you pass going and coming from world famous Hueco Tanks State Park. Gino's located 2 properties south of the Awesome Vista Supermarket, another great food choice & beer selection. Walked into this place and new right away this was going to be good. Greeted by manager who was a local guy. Menu served all day. Classic diner food. Wanted to try everything. Went for Classic American burger w/ cheese. One with onion rings  & other w/ fries. Everybody was real cool. Knew I would be going back  and still hadn't eaten our burgers. On the ride home could smell how good they were going to be.
The burgers turned out to be fat juicy burgers w/ lettuce tomato onions pickle.  I added mustard. This burger just as good as a Geske's burger or burger at Iron skillet. Fries were thick & onion rings  were old school Whataburger style. Definitely great option for Fareast El Paso residents, tourist or locals going out to Hueco Tanks State Park, the dunes of Red Sands, El Paso Speedway Park or just plain fans of good diner food. I can see Guy Fieri coming out to a true community diner in Montana Vista in the near future.

Name: Claudia A. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 11/2/2016
Good stuff... plenty!!! Great deals and service always great!! A little far out but worth the drive!

Name: Oscar P. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 9/18/2016
Great staff. Great burger. Ice cold beer. Cant go wrong. Watching the game. Beer specials. Whoo hoo!

Name: Naomi M. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 6/20/2016
This place is close to my house and let me tell you my family and I love it here the food is great and the prices are awesome. The wings are just right, and I highly recommend the rib-eye burger it is so delicious. You will not be disappointed with any burger or sandwich you try. Their 1.99 breakfast is also amazing you will definitely get your money's worth and leave guilty you got so much on so little, but yet satisfied because it hit the spot. The fried pickles are the bomb... My 5 year old loves them and their lemon pepper wings. I cannot wait to go visit them again and check out their knew location. I give staff, food, and service 5 stars.

Name: PabloRosa O. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 11/29/2015
Awesome food, great burgers! It's a great dinner out here where there really no other place!

Name: Rennae L. - El Paso, TX

YELP REVIEW - 5.0 star rating 10/25/2014
This place is amazing! The menu items are really worth every penny you spend. I went on a Monday during my break. The service is great and hopefully the servers will grow in sharpening their skills since they seem new to it. They are friendly though which is great just need practice. I have high hopes and wish for future success on this amazing place! Also the dishwasher needs be tipped too. I used to be one and seeing the dishes of where my food is put on during my visit are spotless clean. Usually there are some places where you can easily see some specks but here it's all great! The workers here really know how to take care of the place. Definitely coming here again when in the area!